Financial Resources

Federal Reserve Education

The Federal Reserve Education website is a collection of resources for from across the Federal Reserve system. It includes resources for educators, the public and more.

The Federal Reserve Bank Board launched an interactive timeline, using video segments from the Chairman's March 2012 college lecture series about the Federal Reserve and the financial crisis. Each video segment includes a summary and self-check questions

My Money

The 21 Federal entities that compose the Financial Literacy and Education Commission provide the materials that are available via this website and the 1-888-MyMoney hotline. Content is organized by where you are in life ("Life Events"), who you are ("My Resources"), and by specific hands-on tools ("Tools").

Practical Money Skills

Improve your financial future by gaining a better understanding of a broad range of personal finance topics, including creating a budget, saving for retirement, and using credit wisely. These tools, resources and tips can help you build strong solid money management skills that will serve you today and for years to come!

Managing Your Credit

You might not think about your credit much. Untill you try to get a loan or enter into a service contract, that is. It's disappointing to find out that the new home, car, trip, phone - or whatever you've been coveting, will be denied to you because of bad credit. Look to these tools and resources to help understand your credit, how your credit score is calculated, and how to avoid and eliminate debt.

IRS Resources

Affordable Colleges Online: Accredited Online Programs in Wisconsin

Today, many of the most established not-for-profit state colleges and national universities have launched programs that provide flexibility and lower tuition prices for students.  Browse this database for a unique list of accredited non-profit institutions offering online programs, spotlight interviews with college deans with the institutions philosophy on online learning and direct links to the specific online departments of each campus.

Accounting and Personal Finance Basics

Accounting plays an important role in many different aspects of life, from private endeavors, to the public sector. Much of the information used in personal finance involves accounting and it is important for all people, not just accountants or business owners, to have a basic understanding of accounting. This includes valuation methods as well as common terminology used within the accounting field. In addition to using accounting basics in your personal life, it can help people have a better understanding of how businesses handle their finances. Having a better understanding of how businesses make a profit allows you to make smarter choices regarding investments, and other financial decisions. To learn about some of the basics of accounting and personal finance, consult the resources listed below. 

Roth IRA Retirement Savings

Millions of Americans aren’t saving—or aren’t saving enough—for their retirement. myRA offers a simple, safe, and affordable way for people, especially those who don’t have access to a retirement savings plan at work, to get started.


Information about the different types of annuities, the tax implications involved in owning one, and how to handle a structured settlement.

Summer Wedding Tax Tips


Consumer Banking

Listed below are links to a variety of agencies and tools intended to aid consumers navigate an increasingly complicated banking landscape.


Federal Reserve Board

State of Wisconsin





Private and Nonprofit Consumer Resources by Topic

Debt Help

Money Smart Week

Money Smart Week® is a public awareness campaign designed to help consumers better manage their personal finances. This is achieved through the collaboration and coordinated effort of hundreds of organizations across the country including businesses, financial institutions, schools, libraries, nonprofits, government agencies and the media. These groups come together once a year to stress the importance of financial literacy and inform consumers about where they can get help.The effort was created by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago in 2002. Money Smart Week partners will be hosting their events April 20 - 27, 2013.

Money Smart week aligns with United Way of Kenosha County's desired outcome that centers on individuals demonstrating management and acquisition of assets. This week also nicely correlates to the work done through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program.


Participating in the Money Smart Hunt, a free, nationwide, photojournalistic, scavenger hunt promoting financial literacy. The hunt is running now through Saturday, April 27. For full details about the scavenger hunt and to see the official rules, visit