Youth As Resources (YAR)

Kenosha County Youth As Resources (YAR) is a grant-giving program which funds youth-designed, youth-led community service projects in Kenosha County. Youth, with guidance from adults, determine the project they believe will address a need in their community.  Youth groups may apply to Kenosha County Youth As Resources (YAR) for small grants of up to $500 which may be used to purchase supplies for the project, but may not be used to pay for volunteer time. The YAR Board reads all applications and invites youth groups to present their proposals directly to the board.

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Are you a youth group with a project you'd like to submit?  YAR Grant Applications are due the Thursday before the Board Meeting. 

Thursday, October 12th 2017

Thursday, November 16th 2017

Thursday, February 15th 2018

Thursday, March 15th 2018

Kenosha County Youth As Resources (YAR) was developed out of a need – a need to make the youth of Kenosha County feel more connected to their community. According to results from a 2010 Search Institute Survey of Kenosha County youth, only 27% feel that they are given useful roles in the community.  An even lower 25% of youth feel that adults value them. Kenosha County Youth As Resources (YAR) is a program of United Way of Kenosha County in partnership with 

Kenosha County University of Wisconsin-Extension.

2015-2016 results:

  • 15 grants funded
  • $4,550 distributed
  • 1,420 youth participants

2005-2016 results:

  • 141 grants funded
  • $50,5800 distributed
  • 5,809 youth participants